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Diverge or Converge?

When we use divergent thinking we can imagine any possibility, head off in any direction and deliberately diverge from the conventional.  Criticism and judgment are temporarily suspended while we explore possibilities. When we use convergent thinking we are trying to narrow down options to one or more preferred choices. We use analysis, criticism, logic, argument and reasoning to arrive at… Read more →

Sustainable change needs home-grown leaders

Making improvements to the way your team or organisation works is hard. Changes have a habit of yielding initial improvements, but failing to sustain over the longer term. The reason for this is that the change needs to be embedded or absorbed by the organization’s culture. The mistake we’ve seen many organisations make is that they focus too much on… Read more →

How would you rate the Agile tribe?

“If we understand culture better, we will understand ourselves better and recognise some of the forces acting within us that define who we are.” – Edgar Schein Understanding some common patterns in group behaviour can help us identify options for introducing change in organisations. David Logan has done some research on this and has produced a useful framework for thinking… Read more →

How to deal with resistance to change?

When introducing new ideas in an organisation, we often face resistance. Having a structured approach for handling resistance can help to minimise risk and improve the chances of success. A method that I have found helps is to consider each of the main stakeholders based on a couple of parameters: whether they are supporters or resisters and whether they are… Read more →

How to influence decision making?

Linda Rising talks about patterns for introducing new ideas to an organisation. One of the patterns that I often use is the ‘Corridor Politics’. Although I don’t like the name of the pattern, it’s one of the really useful techniques I have come across. “Informally work on decision makers and key influencers before an important vote to make sure they fully understand… Read more →

#LESS2012 Best Talk of the Conference

Having enjoyed a great 2 day conference with many speakers who are really the experts in their fields, my conference experience ended with a lovely (and completely unexpected) gesture. My talk “Lean and the Enterprise: Maersk Line’s Journey” was awarded the “Best Talk of the Conference” by the organising committee. Below are the slides from my talk. (Much of this won’t make… Read more →