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How to Train your HIPPO #ACE2016

Have you noticed the impact when someone more senior in your organisation shares their opinion? Meet the HiPPO: the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Sometimes it’s subtle and unintended. Other times it’s more direct and intentional. Either way, the HiPPO is a dangerous animal in Product Development. When we allow the HiPPO to drive decision-making we hide critical assumptions. Value and… Read more →


We’re coming to Orlando! Serious teams, developers, managers and executives from over 40 countries are about to descend on an unsuspecting Orlando, Florida. There’ll be over 1,800 attendees exploring more than 240 talks and workshops from some world-class experts. We have been invited to run a workshop (details below) on Monday, July 28 (14:00 – 15:15). According to the conference schedule we will be… Read more →

#MIXIT14 – Prioritising ideas using Cost of Delay

Özlem Yüce is coming to Lyon, France to speak at MIXIT14! How can we survive in a world where stakeholders want it all – and they want it yesterday? Are you tired of conflicting priorities and mechanisms that do not give your clear focus? Then this session is for you! At the end of Özlem’s session, you will leave with… Read more →

How to influence decision making?

Linda Rising talks about patterns for introducing new ideas to an organisation. One of the patterns that I often use is the ‘Corridor Politics’. Although I don’t like the name of the pattern, it’s one of the really useful techniques I have come across. “Informally work on decision makers and key influencers before an important vote to make sure they fully understand… Read more →

Real Options: Embracing Uncertainty

Delaying a decision as long as possible is often a good idea! Sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it, particularly for those of us with a well developed “sense of urgency”, like me! Real Options is about knowing when you have to make a decision. They are a great way to avoid making early decisions that could be irreversible. An Agile mindset requires you to always… Read more →