#MIXIT14 – Prioritising ideas using Cost of Delay


Özlem Yüce is coming to Lyon, France to speak at MIXIT14!

How can we survive in a world where stakeholders want it all – and they want it yesterday? Are you tired of conflicting priorities and mechanisms that do not give your clear focus? Then this session is for you! At the end of Özlem’s session, you will leave with an economic framework for prioritising ideas. She will show examples of how to calculate Cost of Delay and a step by step approach for you to have a go with your own work.

This session will share how a Fortune 500 company used an economic framework across a $100m portfolio to improve prioritisation.

Özlem’s talk is on Wednesday April 30, 2014 at 10am.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Contact Özlem.  Follow Özlem. LinkedIn Özlem.

If you attended the talk and would like a copy of the slides, send us a message using one of the methods above, or the contact form here.

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