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Agile Greece Summit 2016 #AGRS16

I recently presented at Agile Greece in September 2016.  It was a great experience to finally travel to Greece – my neighbour country – and meet a lot of amazing people who are passionate about improving the way we delivery products and services. There were some great speakers from various organisations Spotify, King, Ericsson and others who shared their experiences and… Read more →

How to Train your HIPPO #ACE2016

Have you noticed the impact when someone more senior in your organisation shares their opinion? Meet the HiPPO: the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Sometimes it’s subtle and unintended. Other times it’s more direct and intentional. Either way, the HiPPO is a dangerous animal in Product Development. When we allow the HiPPO to drive decision-making we hide critical assumptions. Value and… Read more →

Sustainable change needs home-grown leaders

Making improvements to the way your team or organisation works is hard. Changes have a habit of yielding initial improvements, but failing to sustain over the longer term. The reason for this is that the change needs to be embedded or absorbed by the organization’s culture. The mistake we’ve seen many organisations make is that they focus too much on… Read more →

How would you rate the Agile tribe?

“If we understand culture better, we will understand ourselves better and recognise some of the forces acting within us that define who we are.” – Edgar Schein Understanding some common patterns in group behaviour can help us identify options for introducing change in organisations. David Logan has done some research on this and has produced a useful framework for thinking… Read more →

How to deal with resistance to change?

When introducing new ideas in an organisation, we often face resistance. Having a structured approach for handling resistance can help to minimise risk and improve the chances of success. A method that I have found helps is to consider each of the main stakeholders based on a couple of parameters: whether they are supporters or resisters and whether they are… Read more →

Great products are built by great teams

In today’s world, whatever we do has to have meaning — it’s not just about money anymore. Some of that meaning can come from working together, with a common purpose. But what we build together should also mean something, and resonate in some way, with the wider world — the external audience. Esko Kilpi talks about communication in terms of… Read more →