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Agile Greece Summit 2016 #AGRS16

I recently presented at Agile Greece in September 2016.  It was a great experience to finally travel to Greece – my neighbour country – and meet a lot of amazing people who are passionate about improving the way we delivery products and services. There were some great speakers from various organisations Spotify, King, Ericsson and others who shared their experiences and… Read more →

Sustainable change needs home-grown leaders

Making improvements to the way your team or organisation works is hard. Changes have a habit of yielding initial improvements, but failing to sustain over the longer term. The reason for this is that the change needs to be embedded or absorbed by the organization’s culture. The mistake we’ve seen many organisations make is that they focus too much on… Read more →

Real Options: Embracing Uncertainty

Delaying a decision as long as possible is often a good idea! Sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it, particularly for those of us with a well developed “sense of urgency”, like me! Real Options is about knowing when you have to make a decision. They are a great way to avoid making early decisions that could be irreversible. An Agile mindset requires you to always… Read more →

#LESS2012 Best Talk of the Conference

Having enjoyed a great 2 day conference with many speakers who are really the experts in their fields, my conference experience ended with a lovely (and completely unexpected) gesture. My talk “Lean and the Enterprise: Maersk Line’s Journey” was awarded the “Best Talk of the Conference” by the organising committee. Below are the slides from my talk. (Much of this won’t make… Read more →

#LESS2012 – Tallinn, Estonia November 12-14, 2012

Abstract: Does your organisation treat I.T. like a factory, taking orders from “the business”? Does your funding and approval process force you to work in large batches with commitment to fixed time, budget and scope? Do your KPIs lead people to optimise for their role or department? Do your legacy applications limit how fast your organisation can innovate? Is your… Read more →