We’re coming to Orlando! Serious teams, developers, managers and executives from over 40 countries are about to descend on an unsuspecting Orlando, Florida. There’ll be over 1,800 attendees exploring more than 240 talks and workshops from some world-class experts. We have been invited to run a workshop (details below) on Monday, July 28 (14:00 – 15:15). According to the conference schedule we will be… Read more →

#LKNA14 San Francisco May 5-8, 2014

We’re coming to San Francisco! Looking forward to hearing some fantastic speakers talk about modern management methods and share a few stories and thoughts of our own. We’ve got a couple of slots: The first will be a talk on Tuesday about Black Swan Farming — tilting the playing field to discover, nurture and speed up the delivery of value.… Read more →

Fast feedback can save your life

Unlike the 93% of drivers in the US who believe they are above -average in terms of driving skill, I am a little more self-aware. I would not claim to be an above average driver. Despite having had a driving licence for 16 years now, I have lived in Copenhagen for the last five years — so I haven’t had the need… Read more →

How to deal with resistance to change?

When introducing new ideas in an organisation, we often face resistance. Having a structured approach for handling resistance can help to minimise risk and improve the chances of success. A method that I have found helps is to consider each of the main stakeholders based on a couple of parameters: whether they are supporters or resisters and whether they are… Read more →